Bookies That Don’t Limit Accounts 2021


Having your betting account limited is a frustrating inevitability for profitable sports bettors.

A ‘no limit bookmaker’ would be a godsend. Well.. ask and you shall receive. They do exist.

Personally, I think it’s pretty poor form to cut someone off for winning. Shouldn’t the possibility of losing be inherent in any company that’s built on competing with people? That’s what a bookmaker is, a company vs consumer proposition where they set every metric, aiming to stack it in their favour to win. Yet when they fail to do so, they don’t try and win, they call you a name and run away.

Let me be crystal clear – If you are a bookmaker with max bet limits for all users (as they all have to) that is fine, it’s necessary as to not over-leverage yourself. What I have a gripe with is bookmakers identifying winners then limiting their accounts, individually, to unusable bet limits.

But you can hear me fire up at bookmaker limits here – Are Betting Account Limits Illegal?

For now, I’m going to laud the few shining lights of the industry. Those bookies that don’t limit accounts in that way.

First, I’ll break down the top ‘no limit bookmakers’, then I’ll get into a few of the alternative options for punters who keep having their accounts crippled. Let’s get into it!

The Good Bookies – Winners Welcome

This is a forever changing proposition, we’ve seen bookies change their policies within a day, we’ve seen people’s accounts go from flourishing; to $1 max bets, or even closed, with no warning.

Again, we’re looking for bookies that don’t limit individual accounts to unusable limits, a max bet limit in place to insure against a $100k wager that will over-leverage the bookmaker is not nefarious, it’s good sense. Let’s start at the top:


Pinnacle Betting Site Interface

The gold standard. Pinnacle is where recreational punters get bored, and successful bettors prove themselves.

There is no question, Pinnacle is the highest esteemed bookmaker in the world. No bonus bets or regular promotions to market to recreational punters. Just low margins and a terrific platform.

But, what we’re really here for is the ‘winners welcome’ policy. Pinnacle will never limit your individual account. Ever. In fact, they even wrote about how winning bettors help them sharpen their odds – Pinnacle Winners Welcome.

You’ll often hear profitable bettors brag about ‘beating Pinnacles closing line’, that is because it’s hard. With Pinnacle you aren’t looking for early odds mistakes like you might at a soft bookmaker. You are going against an extremely diligent team of experts who set the price, have plenty of resources, and who don’t publish their markets until they have done that research.

Prove yourself at Pinnacle, you’ve proven yourself everywhere. (Being profitable after just 50 bets and 1 month isn’t proving yourself, by the way 🙃) Betting Site Interface has undergone a full rebrand (a nice one), but thankfully, they are still in the category of bookies that don’t limit accounts.

What you’re getting here is complete max bet transparency, here’s their breakdown of the limits they have on each market – Wagering Limits

I haven’t been allowed to bet with (Curse you Aus betting laws), but, with transparent limits, a clean interface and 20 years in the game – they have certainly risen to the top tier of my respected bookmakers.

As with any sharp bookmaker, the negative here is market volume – with this business model these no limit bookmakers aren’t willing to compete against punters on markets they don’t have the resources or information to analyse diligently, those more obscure markets. Understandable. is a valuable asset in an ever-shrinking sharp bookmaker pool. betting site interface has all the same qualities as the former, but this one can be used by punters from the US – the two bookmakers above don’t allow US punters. does not have a huge amount of alt-markets, less than those above in my experience. But I don’t think US bettors will be complaining as long as they keep allowing winners.

Another good option in a small market.


TopSport Best No Limit Bookmakers

TopSport is an Australian only site (Sorry, my Aus bias is showing again), Australia is notorious for harsh bookmaker accreditation laws, a limited bookmaker supply, and being a country who absolutely loves to bet (poorly).

There is a sea of Aus bookies that are ready and willing to cripple your account at the first site of profitability, then there’s TopSport. I had yet to hear of any profitable punters being crushed by their limits, so I reached out to the owner, Tristan, he had this to say regarding their limiting policies:

At TopSport we are very proud of the fairness we provide to all customers. We have never closed an account in our history, and we offer very fair limits to all players regardless of their profitability as we believe it is important for the industry to ensure sharp punters are able to get set to fair limits on all events. On premier events like the AFL and NRL, we guarantee all players can get set to win at least $10,000 on win and line options after the final teams have been confirmed on all games throughout the year!

Very much an ‘old school’ bookmaker, they cannot guarantee that they won’t monitor individuals, but they do have a fairness policy in place and high limit allowance for ALL punters.

They manage to have more markets than your traditional ‘Sharp’ bookmaker but a policy that still allows successful bettors to thrive. A welcome balance in Australia. Not a ‘no limit bookie’, but in context, a ‘fair limit bookie’.

Bookmaker Alternatives – No Limits?

As the online betting landscape developed, other options developed. Different types of bookies, and new ways to bet with completely different philosophies. If you can’t access bookies without limits, try your hand at these non-traditional options:

Betting Brokers

Betting brokers have taken a while to break into the mainstream among sports bettors, but over the last few years, they have been able to gain some trust and become a really viable option.

The concept is this; A bet broker is a middle man, you deposit your money with the broker, they place all bets for you as they have access to all the bookmakers you are limited on or that aren’t available in your country. Without limits. Usually.

Too good to be true? It does seem that way, multiple bookmakers and no limits – A bit suss.

But, despite the fact that some can charge commissions for non-affiliated bookmakers. Most of them are actually affiliated with the Bookmakers and earn commissions purely from the bookmakers. You’re free to bet commissionless – most of the time. A small caveat would be fees for deposits or withdrawals in some instances, be aware of that possibility.

The largest concern would be financial security. Brokers don’t have to jump through the same licensing hoops that bookmakers do, if they go bust, there are fewer legal systems in place and your money could be a bit in limbo. Having said that, SportMarket and BetInAsia have long-term reliability and plenty of people to vouch for them.

If you need no-limit betting, certainly consider betting brokers.

Betting Exchanges

This one seems obvious, betting exchanges don’t win when you lose so they are happy to accept your volume. This is true, I’ve written about Why You Should Use Betting Exchanges here, and Best Betting Exchanges here. But right now I’m going to argue the opposite.

It’s true, you have no max bet limits. But you can still be penalised for winning, have your income potential limited. Exchanges like Betfair, have rules in place that allow them to set higher commissions, often absurdly higher, for the top bracket of successful exchange bettors.

You may not fall into that top category, or you may still be able to find profit with those higher commissions – but, I would consider that a limit to your income potential, just for winning.

Now, back to the good. You can still bet with them, you’ll never have an account closed and they do benefit from your activity in the market. For Most, betting exchanges are a really good option to get away from the bookmakers that have limited you.

CryptoCurrency Bookmakers

The future is here. Okay, this one is speculative. There really isn’t a lot of information, or verifiable information, that can prove or disprove the reliability of Crypto bookmakers.

Let’s start with the good, this is completely anonymous. When doing my research for this article I decided to try and signup for a Bitcoin bookmaker, here, in the incredibly stringent and strict bookmaker licensing country of Australia, It took 30 seconds and all I had to give was a nickname. The law hasn’t caught up with Crypto, this is an anonymous currency that’s hard to account for within the law.

So I signed up anonymously and if I were to be limited (Which they claim not to do) I could simply make another account. So, seemingly they can be used without limits.

Now, the bad. You are sending a currency that the law hasn’t accounted for to a ‘bookmaker’ that isn’t licensed as a bookmaker.

I have already heard horror stories – So, all this is more of an idea and talking point, than it is a recommendation.

Tread extremely carefully and watch this space – this could be a whole new frontier of sports betting, or… fuel for 100’s of ‘they stole all my money’ stories.

Will There Be More Or Less ‘No Limit Bookmakers’ In 10 Years?

It’s a working business model – why wouldn’t there be?
There could be one big reason we don’t see more of them popping up over the next 10 years: The Law.

Bookmaker licensing used to be one of the things that lawmakers hadn’t caught up with, they definitely have now. If bookmakers continue to be banned in different countries, are hit with more national operational taxes, and have to jump through more hoops; country by country – there just won’t be enough profit in it for those low margin, non-restrictive bookmakers. It may no longer be a working business model. It paves the way for more and more bookmaker monopolies – none of which will be non-limiting monopolies.

But, I’m optimistic it won’t get to that point – Sharp, no limit, bookmakers work. It doesn’t hinge on weekly bonuses or their marketing budget, sharp bookmakers are a sustainable business model if the balance is struck correctly. So, in 10 years I think we will have more options.

More people are pushing back against bookmakers and the improper ways they discard winners and manipulate losers – as the debate continues, the stories come out, and the law adjusts; I expect to see even some of the current biggest limiting bookmakers, being pulled into line and forced to adjust their methods.

But, maybe I’m just a dreamer.

Bookies That Don’t Limit: Conclusion

It is a bit of a minefield navigating your way through bookmaker restrictions, changing laws, and changing bookmaker protocols as a profitable bettor. But, it can be done; It is done, by many.

If you disagree with any of the above, let us know – if any of the above have limited you, let us know. I don’t want to be wrong for a second longer than I have to be. If you know of any other verifiable bookies that don’t limit accounts, let us know. We’ll add them and share that information with everyone else that is sick of being limited.

Happy (Value) Betting

Author: Bradley Price